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a new-generation business management solution

About us



SuiteElite contributes to business success and helps people achieve a balanced and rewarding lifestyle. We provide personal assistance and undertake projects and outsourced business solutions to support companies, executives, public figures, and high-net-worth individuals.

We function as an external resource, bringing new perspectives and expanding the capabilities and reach of a company’s leadership team. Delegating projects, marketing, processes, and responsibilities to SuiteElite creates the time needed to concentrate on what is essential to your success.

Maria Attard - Founder, SuiteElite
Our Services

your effectiveness.

We help good companies become great by leveraging decades of experience and creating the time leaders need to focus on core business functions.

SuiteElite & Associates have a unique blend of broad-based technical competencies and corporate knowledge. With in-depth experience in sectors ranging from construction, real estate, IT, finance, and education to corporate hospitality and catering, we complete operational projects, change management imperatives, and marketing campaigns, facilitate acquisition and portfolio planning and coordinate buying activity remotely.

We create the time high performers need to live the life they've earned. We multi-task on their behalf creating the personal time that until now, they have sacrificed in pursuit of success.

So much of our lives is spent attending the urgent,
and never getting around the important






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