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SuiteElite contributes to business success and helps people achieve a balanced and rewarding lifestyle. We provide personal assistance and undertake projects and outsourced business solutions to support companies, executives, public figures, and high-net-worth individuals.

We function as an external resource, bringing new perspectives and expanding the capabilities and reach of a company’s leadership team. Delegating projects, marketing, processes, and responsibilities to SuiteElite creates the time needed to concentrate on what is essential to your success.

Embedded in our team are broad-based business competencies and corporate knowledge in sectors ranging from construction, real estate, IT, finance, and education to hospitality. Clients rely on us to multitask on their behalf and to facilitate and expedite the successful completion of operational projects and sensitive change management imperatives.

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Our Founder

Before founding SuiteElite, Maria spent over two decades contributing to the success of leading industrialists, politicians, and entrepreneurs. Working at their right-hand she started as Executive Assistant and advanced to hold positions as Head of Corporate Services, Chief Administrative Officer, Head of Marketing and Company Secretary.

An overachiever from the outset, she studied music from an early age and was the youngest athlete selected for the National Volleyball team. Becoming a parent at 17 brought responsibilities which redoubled her resolve to succeed through determination and excellence.

After graduating in Management and Administration, she continued to develop her skills by studying Strategic Management and Leadership at Pearson College London. She then gained a First Class with Honours MBA from the University of Derby.

Having helped leaders and companies succeed through her organizational, marketing and relationship skills, she established SuiteElite to offer business and administrative services to a broader audience, opening windows to limitless possibilities and giving clients peace of mind.

Maria has earned a deserved reputation for efficiency, confidentiality, service excellence and the creation of strategic marketing campaigns. Despite thriving on an onerous workload, her time management skills ensure she creates opportunities to travel, take road trips with her son, ski and indulge in her passion for motorbikes.